Resisting movement.

Sophie wasn’t an unhappy person. She knew how to constantly cheer herself up. She would paint, she would sing along to her favourite artists. Anything to keep herself busy because the only thing that would bring her spirits down was emptiness. In her house alone, Sophie came face to face with the emptiness she dreaded. She was unable to paint a nice picture, her mind wasn’t inspired by anyone or anything around her. She was loosing her interest in things that once gave her life the perfect momentum. Was Sophie burnt out? Was reality being condensed into a day dream of boredom and inaction?
These questions depressed her even more. She wanted so much to be like her old self again. Her old self that always looked forward to the rain so that she could drench in it and feel pure.
Instead, she now stayed indoors when it rained. Her windows were locked and the curtains were drawn.
Sophie turned off the yellow lamp
And got into bed. Alone.

She stayed up with her eyes closed till the morning.
Another day had begun.


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