Fantasy science. Real dream.

I have never before experienced such quantum living as I did in this dream. I have just woken up from it and already I have this urge, this longing to go back to it. My whole being is still floating in that magical, mystical dream and I am here, writing it down.

There was a man I had never met before.
He appeared and disappeared by choice alone. One moment he was standing next to me, smiling at me and the next moment he’s gone. Like a magic trick. He could transform the water into mud or leaves into time. He could lift me up without touching me and I wouldn’t feel the weight of my body. This man could teleport. He could transcend this real world with no effort. Just instantly.

There were two other guys.
Following me everywhere. They were friendly and homely but one of them was constantly at my back and I had a feeling he wanted to get into my system..through my spine.

I followed these kids
They were spying on trees.
The trees were walking and they were talking.

The master appeared and both of them vanished into the thin air.

The master told me about some red roots.
He was wearing a black coat. Glasses. The way he sat and spoke to me reflected discipline and control. He was very welcoming. Maybe he is the guru/teacher I have been meaning to find. Maybe I will find him.

There were others around
Kids from annunaki.

Beautiful. Intelligent.
With powers I can’t describe.

The dream ended with me spitting a bubble gum on the ground.
It was blue.


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