Your feathers are green.

When the first rays of the sun descend on earth, light gathers all around you.
You wake up absorbed in the golden light, painted over by the promises of a new sun.

Washed over by the sun kissed glow of new beginnings you feel spectacular. In the noon, when the sun is at its peak, your ideas heat up. The attention span widens.

In the city where the streets are burning.
You manage to sustain your form.

The leaves shed around you
You watch then fall.

As the sun sets, clouds meander as they chase your evening thoughts. Touching lives with your intentions and flouting normality because constructs are flawed.

In the night you experience the blues of the dark sky to the very depths of your mind.

Love flows through your blood.

Until I come to you,
With quiet steps
Only to find
You fit perfectly in the palm of my hand.

Your feathers are green.
The silent watchers scream

Birds of paradise
Migrate to your room

To watch us.
As we.

To drink this scene
You and me.

Moulded into a shell
No spaces in between.


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