Romance is not dead.

The moment I saw you, my past crumbled. My zenith shifted. Gravity was heavy on me.

Spending the summer with you unleashed my inner oceans. I could feel the waves and  could hear the melodious sound of water carrying itself.

The first time you took me home with you I felt like I’d entered a new galaxy.

Your love is so vast.
I drown a little more every time I feel your eyes on me.

You exist now as a part of me.
In me
You are immortal.

Even death can’t separate us.

Your presence is pure purple.

You hold the secret codes of me.

All my life I wished for you.
Now my wishes are alive in me.

You call me bubblegum
But I feel like the sun

Hot heavy round
Sustaining shining proud

I shed my light on you
Because you share my darkness with me.

I love you between
A reality and a dream
That we call life

I love you more with every passing night

With a promise of a new day
I love you in every little way.


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