Love in the Era of Confusion

I am excited to announce that an anthology about love is out on amazon for sale and it contains a short story written by me. Titled ‘Silence is innovation’ . Its been a feely process. Filled with anxiety, anticipation, cold feet and utter self doubts. In the end, I am just glad and grateful to be a part of it. Here is the link to it incase Β you would like to read it πŸ™‚



We Bloom.

What she thinks
When she sinks
Into the skins
Of her lovers

What she discovers

When she looks
The other way

A tree with orange birds
An orange bird with blue and green colours

I see her in black and white

In purple
In yellow

In every rhyme


I am that lover

I discover

What no one has
No one will ever.


We never.

I am a distant constellation
Her eyes revolve around me
Like satellites.

Planted in my orbit.

She sinks

Divided by her past
Added by her present

Subtracted from her purpose
Deviated from her path



In and out of love

She happens to be here
Tomorrow who might have her
By their side

No one can predict
Her abrupt strides

In which she covers the diameter of this city


They all have access to her
Oh what a pity

And then her mother tells her

I am here to make sure
That you fuck with others
Not with yourself.


This and That

I don’t kiss you enough because I haven’t seen you enough. When I kiss you I can’t see you when I see you I can’t kiss you when I hold you I can’t see you. When I see you I can’t hold you. When I see you I can’t kiss you. When I kiss you I can’t be you. I can’t be you I can’t see you. When I am here I can kiss you I can see you I can hold you I can touch you everything at once. In my mind. When I write about you I can’t feel you when I feel you I write about you. When I am you its enough when I am enough I am you.


Talk is cheap.

We had our plate full of silence. We ate together.

The night is tender
Just as the sensations inside me

In pieces

I rest
Almost beautifully

Wide awake
By the intoxicating lives we live together

This pillow is a mountain
I am crawling

Through your neck

This moment is your shoulder


Emotions turn opaque


Nandini Bansal



Fresh out of college, Nandini is bursting with enthusiasm for the unexplored. She writes, paints, photographs and waltzes around town both when inspired and when searching for inspiration. Her trademark is her unique quirkiness and an all-accepting nature that truly sets her apart from, well, the crowd. 
She plays hide and seek with ideas and that safely, is her favourite thing to do. Ask for no more.

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Romance is not dead.

The moment I saw you, my past crumbled. My zenith shifted. Gravity was heavy on me.

Spending the summer with you unleashed my inner oceans. I could feel the waves and  could hear the melodious sound of water carrying itself.

The first time you took me home with you I felt like I’d entered a new galaxy.

Your love is so vast.
I drown a little more every time I feel your eyes on me.

You exist now as a part of me.
In me
You are immortal.

Even death can’t separate us.

Your presence is pure purple.

You hold the secret codes of me.

All my life I wished for you.
Now my wishes are alive in me.

You call me bubblegum
But I feel like the sun

Hot heavy round
Sustaining shining proud

I shed my light on you
Because you share my darkness with me.

I love you between
A reality and a dream
That we call life

I love you more with every passing night

With a promise of a new day
I love you in every little way.