Love in the Era of Confusion

I am excited to announce that an anthology about love is out on amazon for sale and it contains a short story written by me. Titled ‘Silence is innovation’ . Its been a feely process. Filled with anxiety, anticipation, cold feet and utter self doubts. In the end, I am just glad and grateful to be a part of it. Here is the link to it incase  you would like to read it 🙂



Time is heavy on me.

What I want most is to not want anything at all. My heart desires nothing but you. My soul only longs for peace. My mind only runs after other intelligent minds. Its like a fuck fest only all the fucking is happening between thoughts ideas and brains. Because the pleasures of the skin cannot compare to the orgasms of the brain.

What I cannot have is time and time is heavy on me.

I would rather be nothing
Than be ordinary.

It bores me,
This life
You see for me.

I wish
For myself
To be unseen.

I wish to be a dot.
Insignificantly rot

At least
That way
I can be original in my suffering.


You break yourself
To make yourself.
We hate to know what love feels like.
We jump to realise the fall.

Is more like a call.

Attention to detail
Feels more like a crawl.

Of an ant
Zoning out

The surface
Pouring out

Melted sugar
White and warm

Our sky is barren
Factories torn

Like papers

We are haters
Of capitalism
And its makers

Who sleep after stealing
Freedom from us all

We dive into
The slavery that’s born

Into our society
To rule us all.

One fine day
When nothing remains

You can skip office
To walk in the rain

No more emails
No more phone calls

Just you in a world
With stars
That come from