Snapshot of a thought

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “So what if I fucked the wrong person”


Separation Anxiety.

He is going away tonight
To dissolve in the city scapes
Of a brighter city
With brighter lights

No more will he illuminate
The dark spaces
Of my life

I will miss him
His smell
His car
His words
His eyes

He will ask me
About my life

I will tell him
He took half of it

With him.

We will break

Until the next time

We get to feel
Our auras mix

He is leaving

I am


Self inflicted absence.

You walk in the forest alone. The shadows fall on you in the shapes of my absence.

You dwell in their patterns alone. Your eyes are not here.
Where in the forest are they?

When life hits you, you close yourself so articulately.
You close yourself like a bud.
No sound. No sight.

Just your darkness bright.

You cover the glass windows
You cover your soul

With curtains of self deception.