Dreams of her that flame me.

We are walking on the street. It’s a sober afternoon. I am bored and she looks at me and says, make me cum. We plan to go to my room. We haven’t slept together before this. We haven’t even kissed. We reach the room and there sitting on a chair, is my mother. We sit on bed and I start talking to my mother. There is another boy in the room but I cannot remember who. We look at each other to make sure the moment is still there. I am shuffling stories in my head. Looking for something perfect to say to my mother that would make her leave the room. At this point, even two minutes alone with her would be enough. I finally ask mother to make us both a cup of tea. Mother exits the room. I lock it. She strips. Bare naked. I am fully clothed. She falls on the bed and spreads her legs. She has a small cunt. There is no teasing, no caressing, no kisses and no time. She giggles at me as I approach her. My head falls into her lap and I begin to eat her. There is no moaning. Only her thighs rise. Her stomach fluctuates. The room breathes. And she asks me to keep going. When I stop. She doesn’t cum. She laughs. We hold each other for a moment and I wake up.




Have you ever met someone who makes you feel like you have just woken up to life?
That person could be bruised in the oddest of ways but for you their bruises hold no value. For you, all that matters is the intensity of your chance encounter of discovering them. You carefully, take each step. You want to explore them like a traveller explores a new city..but its different..its different because even though you are a traveller navigating your way through strange lands trying to find a balance between loneliness and a sense of connection..you somehow feel like this person has been your home all along.
No wonder they say
That souls don’t just meet.
Souls remember. Souls connect.
And sooner or later
The red threads between the two points start pulling them closer.

Time is a precious gift.
Moments are made in an instant.

I have found a home. I have found my moment.
One with a roof made of love.
One that’s gentle and pleasant in its roots.

Your feathers are green.

When the first rays of the sun descend on earth, light gathers all around you.
You wake up absorbed in the golden light, painted over by the promises of a new sun.

Washed over by the sun kissed glow of new beginnings you feel spectacular. In the noon, when the sun is at its peak, your ideas heat up. The attention span widens.

In the city where the streets are burning.
You manage to sustain your form.

The leaves shed around you
You watch then fall.

As the sun sets, clouds meander as they chase your evening thoughts. Touching lives with your intentions and flouting normality because constructs are flawed.

In the night you experience the blues of the dark sky to the very depths of your mind.

Love flows through your blood.

Until I come to you,
With quiet steps
Only to find
You fit perfectly in the palm of my hand.

Your feathers are green.
The silent watchers scream

Birds of paradise
Migrate to your room

To watch us.
As we.

To drink this scene
You and me.

Moulded into a shell
No spaces in between.

Fantasy science. Real dream.

I have never before experienced such quantum living as I did in this dream. I have just woken up from it and already I have this urge, this longing to go back to it. My whole being is still floating in that magical, mystical dream and I am here, writing it down.

There was a man I had never met before.
He appeared and disappeared by choice alone. One moment he was standing next to me, smiling at me and the next moment he’s gone. Like a magic trick. He could transform the water into mud or leaves into time. He could lift me up without touching me and I wouldn’t feel the weight of my body. This man could teleport. He could transcend this real world with no effort. Just instantly.

There were two other guys.
Following me everywhere. They were friendly and homely but one of them was constantly at my back and I had a feeling he wanted to get into my system..through my spine.

I followed these kids
They were spying on trees.
The trees were walking and they were talking.

The master appeared and both of them vanished into the thin air.

The master told me about some red roots.
He was wearing a black coat. Glasses. The way he sat and spoke to me reflected discipline and control. He was very welcoming. Maybe he is the guru/teacher I have been meaning to find. Maybe I will find him.

There were others around
Kids from annunaki.

Beautiful. Intelligent.
With powers I can’t describe.

The dream ended with me spitting a bubble gum on the ground.
It was blue.

Because you chose silence.

You are a map of this earth but I am chasing solar systems.
These voices that come from within the tree trunk are drunk off photosynthesis.

Today I was aloof, a balloon, an empty space. I visualised being inside an apple.

Maybe tomorrow you will know us better.
Take less
Give more

Maybe tomorrow
I will feel whole.

With pride and adoration you will spell the word love, won’t you?

For we are blessed.
Struck by lightening.

Turned into dazzling blue light waves.
Daydreaming of beautiful landscapes.

I am a song
That plays softly

Right before you open your eyes.

I exist in the moment
Where your reality turns into a dream.

And the moment
When a dream turns into your reality.

Love is not blind.

Sometimes its better to let things take their natural course. Its fruitful not to plan ahead. Sometimes its rewarding, belief and faith. Love is not blind. It is multi visionary. With you I can be as an equal, as a child , as an explorer. I have seen the eyes under your heart and kissed your thoughts that orbit the earth every morning when you wake up and decide that today is going to be great. I have witnessed ancient myths coming to life, with you as we immerses our heads into buckets full of water as if childish musings were indeed the building blocks of great discoveries. I have even loved you from the eyes of another and held you through arms of another.

When all the dreams replay themselves
Your face keeps appearing
And my mind keeps layering
Our time together.

my love for you
Grows into a feather.


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