Past midnight
as we lay on our respective beds
Separated by space and time

United by fate and rhyme

Our voices
Were still getting use to the sounds
Of your laughter
Stuck in wind chimes

Suddenly for you
The pillow felt like a lap

I was put on the map.

We made love-smoothies
That tasted like a lunar eclipse

We raced our way to heaven
On your subtle silence, I tripped.

Now it feels..
And that’s a sign

That our feelings


Dreamscapes and me.

I am a sigh breaking into you. I escape from you in the form of distant thoughts. But you tell me a different story. You confess your longing for my words.

I kiss you while you’re wrapped up in the blanket made of oceanic waves. Reflecting moonlight. Turning purple.

Let me know the depths of this geometrical pattern that we form as our bodies dance in half sleepy cuddles. I will undo the way universe has planned our lives.

I will touch you until
My touch
Is the only feeling you can remember.

In every life.

These nights I spend away make me feel like a restless tree caught in a restless wind, moving quite restlessly.

Dancing with irony.


Cannot express
How I feel when I am with you.

When I am without you.

Although I might say I am never without you because you are alive in me every second of the day.

I feel tender. I feel wanted. I feel. That should say it all.

The void in me has now become
A heart pregnant with love.

These words change their meanings

Remember to remember
Our love and our feelings.

Hold on to
What we create

With our desires and our understanding.

Thank you

For being the shore to my waves
For existing in the place

Thank you
For your acceptance and your grace.

I love you.

Love is not blind.

Sometimes its better to let things take their natural course. Its fruitful not to plan ahead. Sometimes its rewarding, belief and faith. Love is not blind. It is multi visionary. With you I can be as an equal, as a child , as an explorer. I have seen the eyes under your heart and kissed your thoughts that orbit the earth every morning when you wake up and decide that today is going to be great. I have witnessed ancient myths coming to life, with you as we immerses our heads into buckets full of water as if childish musings were indeed the building blocks of great discoveries. I have even loved you from the eyes of another and held you through arms of another.

When all the dreams replay themselves
Your face keeps appearing
And my mind keeps layering
Our time together.

my love for you
Grows into a feather.


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Its not romance its magic.

In me
Dark clouds

About love

I had only lived
Half felt relationships
Until you came around

Are so kind

My fears

In a city that melts with the heat

Even when you are laced with doubts

I will always be
The sound
(Resonate with me. Let’s be our own crowd)

We burn in intervals
Your belly button smirks
I can’t stop dying
Every time I see you flying
With wings made of glass
Over a mountain pass

My passions create visions
Your visions create passions

From the stars.


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