Have you ever met someone who makes you feel like you have just woken up to life?
That person could be bruised in the oddest of ways but for you their bruises hold no value. For you, all that matters is the intensity of your chance encounter of discovering them. You carefully, take each step. You want to explore them like a traveller explores a new city..but its different..its different because even though you are a traveller navigating your way through strange lands trying to find a balance between loneliness and a sense of connection..you somehow feel like this person has been your home all along.
No wonder they say
That souls don’t just meet.
Souls remember. Souls connect.
And sooner or later
The red threads between the two points start pulling them closer.

Time is a precious gift.
Moments are made in an instant.

I have found a home. I have found my moment.
One with a roof made of love.
One that’s gentle and pleasant in its roots.


Separation Anxiety.

He is going away tonight
To dissolve in the city scapes
Of a brighter city
With brighter lights

No more will he illuminate
The dark spaces
Of my life

I will miss him
His smell
His car
His words
His eyes

He will ask me
About my life

I will tell him
He took half of it

With him.

We will break

Until the next time

We get to feel
Our auras mix

He is leaving

I am


Inaccessible thoughts.

I want to touch
The body your soul lives in

A cage so appealing
In your eyes
I am healing.

Drops of wax
On your back

Of the neck and the hands

Consume me till I dissolve in you
Flames of fire

Nights so new.

I want to do so much
Lift your edges
Kiss your stomach

Watch you crumble
Beneath my skin
A universe is brightly dim.

Peel my sanity
Lick my aura
Drink my scars
Like herbal tea.

I want to be annihilated
Finish the very best of me

I want to die while you
Come alive in me.

So heavy
My deaths
Too many

Stops me.

This rhyme alone