The art of not fucking.

I love to sleep
                The sleep of love
                               With you.

Love makes us

Our smaller hands
        Smaller bodies

Night rushes
Into the arms of my lover
                 The back of her mind
                  The length of her spine

Rhythm of slight movements
Drunk on red wine

Love blooms
In sucking scars
Of each others bodies

Softening the harshness
Under the covers

Alternate longings
Half belongings

The art of fucking
The art of
Sensual longing.



Past midnight
as we lay on our respective beds
Separated by space and time

United by fate and rhyme

Our voices
Were still getting use to the sounds
Of your laughter
Stuck in wind chimes

Suddenly for you
The pillow felt like a lap

I was put on the map.

We made love-smoothies
That tasted like a lunar eclipse

We raced our way to heaven
On your subtle silence, I tripped.

Now it feels..
And that’s a sign

That our feelings

Dreamscapes and me.

I am a sigh breaking into you. I escape from you in the form of distant thoughts. But you tell me a different story. You confess your longing for my words.

I kiss you while you’re wrapped up in the blanket made of oceanic waves. Reflecting moonlight. Turning purple.

Let me know the depths of this geometrical pattern that we form as our bodies dance in half sleepy cuddles. I will undo the way universe has planned our lives.

I will touch you until
My touch
Is the only feeling you can remember.

In every life.

These nights I spend away make me feel like a restless tree caught in a restless wind, moving quite restlessly.

Separation Anxiety.

He is going away tonight
To dissolve in the city scapes
Of a brighter city
With brighter lights

No more will he illuminate
The dark spaces
Of my life

I will miss him
His smell
His car
His words
His eyes

He will ask me
About my life

I will tell him
He took half of it

With him.

We will break

Until the next time

We get to feel
Our auras mix

He is leaving

I am


We never.

I am a distant constellation
Her eyes revolve around me
Like satellites.

Planted in my orbit.

She sinks

Divided by her past
Added by her present

Subtracted from her purpose
Deviated from her path



In and out of love

She happens to be here
Tomorrow who might have her
By their side

No one can predict
Her abrupt strides

In which she covers the diameter of this city


They all have access to her
Oh what a pity

And then her mother tells her

I am here to make sure
That you fuck with others
Not with yourself.

Talk is cheap.

We had our plate full of silence. We ate together.

The night is tender
Just as the sensations inside me

In pieces

I rest
Almost beautifully

Wide awake
By the intoxicating lives we live together

This pillow is a mountain
I am crawling

Through your neck

This moment is your shoulder


Emotions turn opaque

What next?

I will

Grab your body
Tightly in my hold.

Switch the lights on
Turn this waiting into gold.

Push you to the wall
Push you to the floor

Fuck you
Fuck you some more.

You will

Lean on the wall
Fall on the floor

The cold marble
In contact with your skin
The skin in rhymes
Fades and glows.

We will
Breathe heavy
Wrapped up

I heard
Angels like to
Be hurt

And demons are lovely

Chase the half doings
Fulfil the naked soul

The mechanism of desire
Will be over
Without a show.

What next?


I am an empty breath.
A blind gaze.
I always want more.
I always feels inadequate.

Intensity is like a fruit
More the sweeter

Juices flow.

Escape from me in pieces
Just like you claimed you will

If you can’t give it your all
Don’t let the wolves howl

The moon never speaks back
The sun always has to shine

Its such a job
Keeping the earth warm and bright

I’d always thought
Sun lacks some pride.

Just like love does.

I am burning.

Your feathers are green.

When the first rays of the sun descend on earth, light gathers all around you.
You wake up absorbed in the golden light, painted over by the promises of a new sun.

Washed over by the sun kissed glow of new beginnings you feel spectacular. In the noon, when the sun is at its peak, your ideas heat up. The attention span widens.

In the city where the streets are burning.
You manage to sustain your form.

The leaves shed around you
You watch then fall.

As the sun sets, clouds meander as they chase your evening thoughts. Touching lives with your intentions and flouting normality because constructs are flawed.

In the night you experience the blues of the dark sky to the very depths of your mind.

Love flows through your blood.

Until I come to you,
With quiet steps
Only to find
You fit perfectly in the palm of my hand.

Your feathers are green.
The silent watchers scream

Birds of paradise
Migrate to your room

To watch us.
As we.

To drink this scene
You and me.

Moulded into a shell
No spaces in between.

Woody Allen like Love.

My life makes space for yours.

Our odd sufferings complement each other.

We have denied ourselves
The same things

The smell of petrol

Our pasts integrate
Into our future
As we define happiness

Lovers alone

You & me
Can scratch
Can scale

The sky with our fingers

You’re beautiful
I felt like I could break

Shatter into tiny pieces
Explode into a maze.

Passionate gaze
Your drugged embrace

On your neck
I plant outer space

From the inside of my mouth
My tongue

I am aroused

Are you a cloud
Condensed with rain ?